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A Few Kind Words From Clients

Starting Young

"I have had my children in the Water Babies since they were old enough to learn to swim! My eldest is almost five! The staff here are fantastic from the desk to pool side! Two instructors I highly recommend are Anna & Jo W. They have taught my children throughout their swimming journeys and have always been professional, knowledgeable & patient. My eldest at times has been difficult and each staff member persisted and encouraged both of us to keep going! Look no further if your wanting to enrol the kids! Safe and so much fun! Benefited my children no end and has given them confidence in the water! The children are taught water safety in their lessons and it also brushed up my knowledge!"

Jessica Lee

Angelfish Success

"Several months ago our son Blake joined the Angelfish Program, and we are extremely encouraged by the results being achieved.  Prior to joining Angelfish, Blake had been involved in standard swimming lessons at another swim centre from 6 months of age.  We all considered that satisfactory outcomes were being met up to approximately 3 years of age.  It was at this point in time the wearing of swim goggles was required.  Blake couldn't or wouldn't wear swim goggles, no matter which type of approach was used.  Reluctantly, we cancelled swim lessons at that time.  Late last year a formal diagnosis determined Blake as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The not wanting to wear swim goggles and a few other behaviours now made complete sense.

We believe having the one on one swim lessons in a quiet environment is ideally suited to kids with ASD.  Blake is comfortable in his lessons, has a good connection with his instructor Sue, and in the last week has now made the big step of wearing swim goggles.

The benefits of the Angelfish program should not be underestimated, and without a doubt these lessons should be classed as being eligible for NDIS funding in the same manner as speech and occupational therapy.

We look forward to continuing Blake's swim lessons in the Angelfish program, and at the same time wish you every success in expanding the program. Our sincere thanks."

Darren Walker

Why We LOVE Aqua Fitness

"I started Aqua fitness at Parafield in late 2017 after looking for a way to improve my health. I had not done any fitness for many years and after reaching my heaviest weight ever knew I needed to do something that was not in a gym as I was embarrassed and scared and came across aqua when looking at swimming. ⁠

From the moment I started classes with a friend I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find people participating of all ages, backgrounds and genders and that not only do we get the workout of our lives we also smile and laugh throughout every session. The choice of workouts from cardio, boxing, step, pole and more means there is something for everyone with expert guidance from instructors who make you feel completely at ease and every session a joy to be part of. I have loved how this has made me feel. ⁠

What I didn't realise when I started was how much my mental wellbeing would improve and that I needed that more than the fitness. While aqua has assisted me in losing more than 30kg, I feel better and happier than ever. I've made great friends, get to clear my head, get my heart pumping and truely smile from start to finish. My confidence has improved in myself and my abilities and everyone from instructors to fellow participants are extremely supportive - I can't recommend it enough.⁠"

Jane⁠ Laws