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Zac’s Learn To Swim Journey


Zac started swimming at The Parafield Gardens Swim school, when he was just 6½ months old, in our Water Babies classes with our Manager Kym.  As a dedicated swimmer he has triumphed in each level and is now competing in numerous swimming events.  His favourite strokes are Freestyle and Breaststroke, preferably over long distances.  His most recent achievements include setting four personal bests, receiving three medals for 50 metre Freestyle, 50 metre Breaststroke and 50 metre Backstroke as well as participating in SAPSASA.

Additionally, after years of bringing Zac to classes his mum Sarah transformed herself from a customer to an instructor teaching classes all the way from Water Babies to Whales, further highlighting our family friendly culture.

Zac’s journey from a Water Baby to a Competition Swimmer is a wonderful testament to where swimming classes can lead your child. Competitive Swimming is a great experience for young swimmers, exposing them to what it means to work towards a goal and achieve it. Our Mini Squads program provides just the right mixture of competition, fun, teamwork and individual achievement to give children the best chances of reaching their full swimming potential. Learning to swim is beneficial for a multitude of reasons such as physical health, water safety, developing social skills, and even enhancing behavioural skills. Whether or not your child wants to swim competitively or not, learning to swim from a young age and the continuation of swimming lessons into adolescence will set the foundations for a lifelong skill. If you have been intrigued or inspired by Zac’s story and are wondering how to get YOUR child’s learn to swim journey started, do not hesitate to contact us at the front desk or check out our website for more information.

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