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Adults Swimming Lessons: 15+ years

It's Never too Late

Whether your goal is to conquer your fear of water and take your feet off the bottom of the pool, improve your swimming techniques to prepare yourself for lap swimming or just simply staying fit - our friendly and qualified instructors can help you get there. 

Lessons are designed to cater for all beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers. Each class can have a maximum of 4 swimmers. Evening, morning and weekend classes are available all year round, even for the busiest schedules.

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Skills to Master

  • 12.5 metres freestyle
  • 12.5 metres backstroke
  • 12.5 metres survival backstroke
  • 10 second star float
  • 5m torpedo


Skills to Master

  • 25 metres freestyle
  • 25 metres backstroke
  • 25 metres survival sidestroke
  • 25 metres breaststroke
  • Freestyle and backstroke turns


Skills to Master 

  • 100 metres freestyle
  • 100 metres backstroke
  • 100 metres breaststroke
  • 25 metres butterfly
  • 60 seconds treading water
  • Competitive starts and turns


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