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"My two younger children have been attenidng swimming lessons at Parafield Gardens Swim School continuously for the last 4 years. I would also bring my oldest son Jeremy and he would sit with me and watch the others swim.  He did not have the opportunity to attend private swimming lessons as nothing was available for special needs children at any swimming school in our area."

"He would occasionally ask me if he could join in, but due to his disability unfortunately he was unable to participate, which of course made me sad for him.  A few months ago the swim school introduced Angelfish classes. These classes are one on one specifically designed for children with disabilities.  My wish had come true and we were all so happy that Jeremy could joiin in and attend swimming lessons with his siblings.  I had a meeting with the Angelfish co-ordinator Jaimi where we discussed Jeremey's requirements and how swimming lessons would meet his goals.  She was extremely open to all my suggestions and designed classes accordingly incorporating pictures and visual schedules."

"Jeremey's disability includes ASD which causes communication deficits, anxiety & severe dysprxia.  Nathan, his main swimming teacher. has immense patience and the ability to communicate with Jeremy effectively keeping him happy & motivated.  Due to the dyspraxia Jeremy has low muscle tone and poor co-ordination. Swimming has increased his strength, stamina and has improved his gross motor movements in the short time he has been attending.  I'm excited to think about how far he will go as he has made huge progress in only a few months."

"The staff at the Parafield Gardens Swim School have been extremely understanding and helpful and I recommend the Angelfish classes to any parent who has a special needs child."   Stacey Kalaitsidis




 "Several months ago our son Blake joined the Angelfish Program, and we are extremely encouraged by the results being achieved.  Prior to joining Angelfish, Blake had been involved in standard swimming lessons at another swim centre from 6 months of age.  We all considered that satisfactory outcomes were being met up to approximately 3 years of age.  It was at this point in time the wearing of swim goggles was required.  Blake couldn't or wouldn't wear swim goggles, no matter which type of approach was used.  Reluctantly, we cancelled swim lessons at that time.  Late last year a formal diagnosis determined Blake as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The not wanting to wear swim goggles and a few other behaviours now made complete sense."

"We believe having the one on one swim lessons in a quiet environment is ideally suited to kids with ASD.  Blake is comfortable in his lessons, has a good connection with his instructor Sue, and in the last week has now made the big step of wearing swim gogles."

"The benefits of the Angelfish program should not be understimated, and without a doubt these lessons should be classes as being eligible for NDIS funding in the same manner as speech and occupational therapy."

We look forward to continuing Blake's swim lessons in the Angelfish program, and at the same time wish you every success in expanding the program. Our sincere thanks." Darren Walker


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"Our child has been part of the Angelfish Swimming Program at The Parafield Gardens Swim School this year (2017).  Our child has special needs and swimming has helped him in a number of ways."

"The Angelfish program allows out child to have one on one time with the same instructor, develop safety skills in the water, work on core strength skills, build confidence and learn to listen and follow instructions all in a safe and supportive environment with the end goal being that our child will hopefully be able to attend mainstream swimming lessons."

"Kym, the Manager, has been more than accomodating with lessons and times.  She is here for the children.  I can't speak more highly of our child's instructor Michelle.  She is warm, caring and understandig of children with special needs. "

"I would highly recommend the Angelfish program to parents and carers of children with special needs." Carolyne Dunn



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