The Benefits of Learning to Swim




More than just a Swimming Lesson!

 The Benefits of Learning to Swim

We all know that Learning to Swim is an essential skill for all children to learn.  But enroling your children in swimming lessons will give them a whole lot more than critical safety skills in and around the water.

1. A chance to get Social

Children usually swim with other children in their class which gives them a great opportuity to socialise with different ages, cultures and backgrounds.  So much time is spent in front of digital media, swimming lessons give children a chance to interact with others and be part of a group that promotes individuality and teamwork.

2.  Physical Activity

At a time when children are moving less, screen time is increasing and our food sources are questionable there is no doubt that our young ones need to move more.  When children are Learning to Swim they don't even notice the important physical movement their body is getting from the water because it's so much fun for them. 

3. Teamwork & Confidence

Learning to work in a group alongside others is an important life skill.  During swimming lessons children learn to wait their turn, respect others, practice listening and work together in a group.  Being part of a learing group builds confidence which in turn contributes to their motivation helping them to strive to learn more.


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