Carolyn's Story

Fit & Feeling Fabulous with Aqua Fitness

Would you like to lose some weight? Feel healthy? Increase your confidence and feel good about yourself? Of course you would. Everybody does. But finding the right program, the right trainers and the right time isn’t always easy. 

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This is Carolyn. In November 2015 Carolyn weighed 120kg. She decided it was time to do something for herself and joined Aqua Fitness classes at The Parafield Gardens Swim School. She started with a few classes a week, soon increasing her attendance to participating in classes nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Through attending classes, she also met and joined a local group of supportive and encouraging ladies called, Healthy Mummy, and started to change her diet for the better. With the introduction of Acquapole® & Acquapole® Boxing to The Parafield Gardens Swim Schools Aqua Fitness program, Carolyn was hooked and her weight loss journey began.

‘The Aqua Fitness classes at The Parafield Gardens Swim School are challenging and fun and I get the most amazing workout without the jarring or soreness that you can get from pounding the pavement,’ said Carolyn. 

Carolyn Image 2Before she knew it in January, 2016, she weighed in at just under 100kg. ‘I started to feel so much better and realised how important it was to look after myself. I knew I could keep going because I enjoyed the classes at the pool so much and the staff, instructors and other ladies in the class were so supportive and encouraging, it made it fun to come to classes every day.’

Carolyn Image 3February, 2016 and Carolyn weighed 92 kg at the start of the 8 Week challenge.

 ‘At the beginning of February the Parafield Gardens Swim School started an 8 Week challenge and provided a weekly weigh in and measure. The requirement to enter was to attend a minimum of 2 classes per week to be eligible for the major prize. I was attending classes every day, often twice a day,’ said Carolyn. ‘I was feeling so much better and had more energy to keep up with my two children. I knew I could keep going and loose a bit more to get to my goal weight. I had come so far.’

 Carolyn Image 4April, 2016 and Carolyn has won the 8 Week Challenge weighing in at an amazing 76.8kg. That’s a total loss of 15.2kg and 52cm at the end of the challenge and an amazing 43.2kg since she started classes in November. Donna, an Aqua Fitness instructor at The Parafield Gardens Swim School said her commitment to classes was amazing.

 ‘Carolyn is proof that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals and experience a healthy, fit and fabulous life,’ said Donna. ‘People think that Aqua Fitness is for older participants, but we have proven that is not the case. We offer so many different, high energy, challenging classes in the pool you really can achieve amazing weight loss by participating. Carolyn is such an inspiration and has inspired so many other people in our classes to follow in her footsteps. Her weight loss has been incredible but the transformation in Carolyn’s confidence and the awesome smile she now wears every day is contagious and a joy to see.'



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