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Exercise Classes for Everyone!

Join us for one of many exercise classes with a difference.

Aqua Fitness provides many benefits including:

  • A low impact workout that will not strain the weight bearing joints or the back.
  • Water resistance ensures that the exerciser does not work beyond their capability.
  • The working heart rate in water is lower than when training on land.
  • It can increase or at least maintains bone density.
  • It forces you to maintain abdominal stability during all movements in water.
  • Works muscles rarely used on land.
  • The pressure of water on the body improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention.

Land Fitness Classes:

If the pool isn't your thing, grab a mat an jump into our Fitness Studio. Strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles with a class of Pilates or Yoga!

All classes are 45 minutes duration

Class Descriptions

Aqua Fitness Classes

Aqua Cardio: Cardiovascular conditioning, fat burning and total body toning designed to get your heart rate moving.

Aqua Lite: A gentle low and slow impact class for participants with injuries or limitations.

Senior Aqua: An aqua class specifically designed for senior participants to increase fitness and flexibility. Senior card holders only.

Drums Vibes: Crash your way into shape with this brand new smash of a class that will have you drumming up a storm.

Acquapole®: Experience aquatic fitness like never before with an Acquapole® class. Allowing maximum freedom in the water with over 150 possible movements, Acquapole® will tone, burn fat and keep you smiling.

Acquapole® Boxing : Mix up your Acquapole class and get into boxing. A high intensity class designed to get you moving, burn fat and punch it out in water.

Aqua Step: Aqua Steps add dynamic, balance and challenge to every movement.  Challenge your cardio endurance levels with emphasis on muscular conditioning in this aqua fitness class.

Acquapole® Circuit Fusion: Combining all of our Acquapole® classes into a circuit style workout station! An extra connection allows the poles to be joined together to allow for a range of different exercises as well as boxing, traction, toning & cardio.

Land Fitness Classes

Pilates: A body conditioning routine that helps improve your strength, flexibility, posture, concentration and co-ordination. Pilates focuses on training the body to develop core strength and stability to allow the you to move in the most efficient way.


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